Filipino Deaf Women's Health and Crisis Center, Inc.


The Filipino Deaf Women's Health and Crisis Center (FDWHCC) was established in November 1999 and incorporated in 2001. The FDWHCC is a Deaf people's organization comprised of women.

Our mission-vision

  • To uplift the welfare of Filipino Deaf women by upholding equality and social justice by improving self-esteem and standards of living. We help Deaf Women who are victim of domestic violence such as sexual abuse, rape, sexual harassment, physical abuse.
  •  We foresee a future wherein Filipino Deaf women are treated equally and without discrimination in all aspects of life whether at home, in the workplace, within the community and in the entire country. Our current concerns focus on assistance for abused Deaf women.



1. ADVOCACY programs about human rights of Filipino Deaf women and the Accessibility Law; 
2. Provide LIVELIHOOD training seminars and workshops to Filipino deaf women; 
3. Uphold EQUALITY in various aspects of EMPLOYMENT such as hiring, promotion, compensation and accommodations, and to prevent prejudice in the  treatment accorded to Filipino deaf women. 
4. Offer COUNSELING to, and EDUCATING of deaf women: how to protect themselves from violence, sexual, and physical abuses, sexual harassment and exploitation;
5. Provide LEGAL, FINANCIAL, and other ASSISTANCE to deaf women who are victims of calamities, abuse, and discrimination. 


  •  Facilitator's Training Program
  • Lecture  on the Magna Carta for Differently-Abled Persons
  • Advocacy for Deaf Community
  • Personal Safety
  • Gender  Awareness  Workshop
  • Sex Education & Health
  • Awareness on Violence Against Women & Children
  • Information, Education  and Research


  • Counseling Services
  • Workshop for Deaf Women Abuse
  • Leadership Training for officers and members
  • Shelter
  • Basic Sign Language
  • Livelihood —Monthly Activities
  • Physical Education
  • Guidance Class